Seattle Times readers share their ideas for indoor fall dates as the rainy season approaches

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Dating Question of the Month

We asked readers to tell us: “Now that it’s getting cold and dark around Seattle, do you and your significant other have any creative ideas for indoor date nights?

Here’s what people said.

Answers have been edited for spelling and clarity.

“Board games are fun. Cooperative games, especially, can tell you a lot about a person. Whether or not they get frustrated quickly, how well they strategize, whether or not they are a good team player, etc. I think it can be a good indicator of someone’s personality.”


“There are a ton of volunteer opportunities that would make for a really fun date and a way to give back. Volunteering at a shelter or food kitchen, donating blood, creating snack packs for the homeless, digging through your apartment to find things to donate.”


“We do a ‘music swap,’ where we each make a playlist of new music we’ve been listening to recently, and then listen to each other’s playlist while cooking or cleaning the apartment.”


“Go to a thrift store and pick out an entire outfit for one other. Once you check out, you have to go to dinner wearing that outfit.”


“Blanket fort and wine. There are plenty of engineers in this city. I bet there are some really cool blanket forts that could be over-engineered.”


“‘Iron Chef’-style date. Bring over random ingredients and make a dish with all the ingredients!”


“Do a wine and cheese tasting. Trader Joe’s has a great selection and is inexpensive!”


“Virtual cooking classes! Canlis Community College is great and offers all of their online classes for only $25, and proceeds benefit Farestart.”


“I think a lot of people are probably tired of doing puzzles at this point in the pandemic, but my partner and I still love working on puzzles together. You can put on a podcast or music to listen to, too.”


“Self-hosted Bob Ross painting class. Watch a YouTube video and follow along!”


“Building a Lego set or puzzle over wine and cheese. Maybe even carving pumpkins together to be festive.”


“Reading together. I know it’s not that interactive, but sometimes it’s nice to just be in each other’s presence, without feeling like we have to do anything particularly creative or crazy.”


“Fitness classes are a great idea. You can get a personal trainer to do a personal session for two people.”


“Buy some steaks and make a restaurant-quality meal.”


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