Store Thanksgiving hours 2020: Is Home Depot open?

Is Home Depot open on Thanksgiving this year?

Admittedly, home improvement is not one of the things that’d come to mind when thinking about a holiday — let alone a classic, traditional American Thanksgiving. But things can happen, where it all seems to go wrong at the wrong time. Appliances will break, screens will shatter, walls will be in need of a major paint job.

Maybe you’re in the middle of a big home project that you’ve been working on thanks to all the time at home and in lockdown this year. Maybe you want your house to look perfect as your home is the center host of all the holiday celebrations — even if we’re being advised to limit these kinds of things right now.

Firstly, be responsible; we’re still in a pandemic after all. Secondly, if any of these situations sound like yours, this is where the Home Depot normally comes into play.

Home Depot Thanksgiving 2020 store hours

The word “normally” is thrown in there for a reason — Thanksgiving is not one of those days. Home Depot stores will be closed nationwide on Thanksgiving Day. It’s a great way to give employees a thank you for all their hard work during the calendar year and prepare them (and the store) for a potentially massive Black Friday rush the next day.

Thanksgiving is one of just two holidays during which the major home improvement store doesn’t open its doors annually (the other is Christmas Day). So if you need something home improvement-related done ASAP, you’ll need to get into Home Depot before the close of business on Nov. 25 or find help elsewhere.

The good news is that while you may not be able to physically get into a store, you can still check out Home Depot‘s holiday deals and offerings while shopping online — and that includes if you need a Christmas tree!

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