The Best Mini Kitchen Appliances for Apartment and Small-Space Living

Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

There’s no getting around it: Small kitchens can be challenging to maneuver in, especially for home cooks who prepare meal after meal with no countertop elbow room. Even the cooking-adverse who do little more than microwave last night’s takeout may feel the countertop squeeze. How can you make the most of this prime real estate in tight confines? “I have found that clients that cook a lot tend to want the most functional countertops,” Liz Tiesi, owner and lead designer of the Brooklyn-based interior design company Threshold Interiors, tells

Consider standard-size kitchen countertop appliances that earn their keep—and compact versions that don’t hog every available inch. 

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Sizing Up the Situation

Before planning a gut renovation, purging rickety appliances, or swapping large countertop contraptions for mini iterations, first think about your cooking habits and needs.

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