Commander’s Palace appoints chef Meg Bickford


Lally Brennan (left front) and Ti Martin (left rear), proprietors of Commander’s Palace in New Orlean, toss a chef’s toque to Meg Bickford, the restaurant’s new executive chef. (Courtesy Commander’s Palace) (Photo: Chris Granger)

Commander’s Palace, founded in 1893, ranks among New Orleans’ most storied restaurants. It launched the careers of Emeril Lagasse and Paul Prudhomme, the country’s original celebrity chef. Now for the first time in nearly two decades, the Creole restaurant in New Orleans’ Garden District has a new executive: Meg Bickford, who was born in Louisiana to a New Orleans and Cajun family. Bickford and Ti Martin, who runs Commander’s Palace with her cousin Lally Brennan, talked to The American South about the future of the restaurant.

The American South: How does the appointment of Meg change Commander’s Palace?

Ti Martin: This whole thing is a team. That’s why it’s kind of funny for Meg and

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