An unconscious bias? Biracial Denver couple says they faced discrimination on home appraisal

DENVER — A quick tour of the Mitchell home in Park Hill reveals their growing family is running out of space.

“We’ve got two girls in our bedroom in here,” said Gwen Mitchell. “It’s crowded.”

This past spring, Gwen and her husband, Lorenzo, started talking about remodeling and adding on to their current home.

“I’ve talked him into a mid-century pop,” said Gwen.

Getting a home equity loan seemed like the perfect solution to help with the costs of the home renovations, especially with interest rates so low.

“And I’d also heard about some social justice initiatives that Westerra (Credit Union) was involved in, so I was like – let’s go that way,” Gwen said.

They scheduled an appraisal and did some research on their own.

“I had already looked at Zillow, Redfin and all of them – we’re appraising the house above $500,000,” Lorenzo said.

Lorenzo was home with

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