Slack co-founder Cal Henderson was a WFH skeptic until pandemic hit

Slack co-founder and CTO Cal Henderson

Source: Slack

LONDON — Slack co-founder and chief technology officer Cal Henderson said Wednesday that he had his doubts about whether companies could work from home before the coronavirus pandemic.  

“I was definitely a remote work, like fully distributed work, skeptic prior to this year,” said Henderson, whose platform facilitates working from home, in a virtual interview at the Web Summit technology conference.

“I was as surprised as anyone that we were able to be so productive during that shift,” he said. “We were already distributed because we have offices around the world, but we weren’t fully distributed. Teams in general are co-located. They are in the same office and they can have in person meetings and whiteboarding sessions and all that kind of interaction.”

The Microsoft Teams rival closed its offices and asked people to work from home at the beginning of March

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