Seattle startup vets raise $1M and reveal more details about home valuation platform Plunk

Brian Lent (left) and David Bluhm, co-founders of Plunk. (Lamda Photos)

Will that bathroom remodel increase your home’s value by more than $20,000? What about replacing the floors or adding a garage? How about the bad traffic that’s getting worse around your neighborhood?

A stealthy Seattle-area startup wants to help answer these questions and more.

Plunk is revealing more details about its app that helps homeowners play “what if” scenarios to figure out what might drive the value of their home up or down. The app uses image processing, AI, and machine learning to assess the condition of a home and recommend specific remodeling projects that can increase its value.

The idea is to give consumers the same tech-driven investment advice they can get with personal finances or stocks, but for their home.

“Home ownership for most Americans is the best way to grow wealth, yet there is no trusted

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