Consumer Confidential: Home warranties seem attractive amid lockdown. Here’s why you want to be careful

One thing we know for sure about the coronavirus, it’s been giving our homes a workout.

With many people spending all day and night in lockdown, this has placed unusual strain on such things as kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures.

Which may have gotten you thinking about home warranties, a form of insurance that covers many things the typical home-insurance policy does not: appliances, plumbing, air conditioning, electrical systems.

The average home-warranty plan runs hundreds of dollars a year. Is it worth it?

I might have thought so under the circumstances until I chatted recently with Chris Rae, 72, who related a mind-boggling tale of woe regarding his claim to First American Home Warranty, a leading coverage provider, for a busted refrigerator ice maker.

“I’ve never experienced anything like this,” the Ventura resident told me. “The warranty says they’ll repair or replace anything that gets broken. But for months, all

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