The Magic of Mountain-Chic Design

Cue the Comfort       

A cozy, warm atmosphere should feel second nature in a mountain-chic retreat, but it’s also about an elevated design, said Kara Smith, founder of KES Studio in Los Angeles and New York.

For a recent project at Pendry Residences, a luxury condominium complex in Park City, Utah, opening in the winter of 2021, Ms. Smith chose furniture that was both functional and inviting. “We fully accessorized bookshelves that frame fireplaces in the residences, upholstered cushions for window seats and hung art that reflected the setting,” she said.   

A mountain retreat demands beauty and function to coexist peacefully, said designer Megan Bristol, founder of Tahoe Modern Staging and Design in Lake Tahoe, in California and a member of Vesta Professional, a design, staging and furniture company in Street Vernon, also in California. “Comfort is the No. 1 priority because people are seeking a different way of living in their mountain spaces,” she said. “We like to pair clean-line accent pieces with oversized and plush seating to communicate, without words, that it’s OK to put your feet up on the coffee table in this home.” She prefers using monochromatic color schemes, leather and suede accents, updated and oversized art, as well as comfortable seating throughout the space.

And don’t forget about those tactile touches necessary for cold winter nights, said Kendall Wilkinson of Kendall Wilkinson Design in San Francisco. Think supple wool and cashmere textiles, lots of throw pillows and soft blankets.

In this home at Pendry Residences Park City, designer Kara Smith created a cozy tone with a fireplace set against bookshelves lined with curio. Photography Courtesy of Pendry Residences Park City

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