These Are the Best Kitchen Appliances From Wayfair and Home Depot

Is it time to upgrade your kitchen? While picking out features and finishes is part of the fun, knowing where to begin is equally important. Turning to trustworthy retailers that have reputations for providing high-quality options can get you started off on the right foot. Home Depot and Wayfair are two of the top choices that are known for offering better quality and value when it comes to major kitchen appliances.

Whether you need a sleek sink or a durable dishwasher, these companies have the wide selections and budget-friendly options that can simplify your selection while ensuring you find those just-right pieces to complete your kitchen. Take a look at an assortment of top choices to consider, no matter if you’re looking for a new fridge, a microwave or something in between.


Tips for Selecting Kitchen Appliances

Choosing kitchen appliances isn’t exactly one of those quick, off-the-cuff decisions. After all, you’ll likely be spending years using them, with most kitchen-appliance lifespans clocking in at a decade or longer. Because you’ll want to be sure that you’re investing in high-quality pieces that meet your exact needs and harmonize with the design of the space, it’s important to take the following considerations and features into account as you shop.

  • Measurements: Before you make an investment in any kitchen appliance, it’s essential to take its size into consideration, especially if you’re not doing any renovations and need pieces that fit into existing spaces. Finding a great deal on a refrigerator or dishwasher can definitely increase its appeal, but if it doesn’t end up fitting in your space, you’ll be out the cost and searching for a more suitable product. Fortunately, many kitchen-appliance sizes have been standardized in the United States, but it’s still important to ensure you’re picking the right standardized dimensions.
  • Energy Ratings: Because they’re running so frequently, kitchen appliances have the potential to use a lot of power. Appliance manufacturers these days are aware that homeowners are concerned about the environment (and want to save on their utility bills, too), so energy-saving designs are becoming much more common. Looking for these energy-friendly appliances is a great way to help cut down on your power bills in the long run. Choose Energy Star appliances, which are certified to meet Environmental Protection Agency requirements and will not only help lower your bills but may also be eligible for rebates through your power company.
  • Quality: Look into whether the product you’re considering comes with a warranty that guarantees that it’s a good long-term investment. Consulting reviews from previous buyers is a great way to verify that you’re purchasing a quality product. There may also be a common problem that arises with a certain model or production run, and you’ll want to be aware of this before you make your selection.
  • Similar Options: Both Home Depot and Wayfair’s websites provide lists of comparable products on each product’s page. These can be worth checking out, especially if you’ve found an item you like but are hesitant to buy because of the price.
  • Style: Remember to take the overall style of your kitchen into account when selecting appliances, especially if you’re doing a complete kitchen renovation. Select larger items, such as your refrigerator, first so you can get an idea of what style and materials your kitchen will feature. This can help narrow down your search when looking for smaller items, such as microwaves. For uniformity and a more streamlined look, you’ll likely want to choose large appliances all in the same finish, whether that’s stainless steel, white enamel or another option.


A Stainless Steel Double Sink With Plenty of Accessories

Never let it be said that Home Depot offers everything but the kitchen sink — the retailer definitely has that covered, too. If you’re in the market for a new sink, consider a double-basin design like this Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink by Glacier Bay. If you don’t have a dishwasher in your kitchen, this design is particularly helpful; you can stow dirty dishes in one section and fill it with soapy water while using the other side to rinse or drain your freshly washed dinnerware. Even if you don’t need the extra room for sudsing up your plates and cups, double-basin sinks still provide an added dose of versatility.

This stainless steel design will help keep your kitchen looking its best, and it comes with a variety of accessories. Along with the double-basin sink itself, you’ll get two basin racks, two drains, the faucet, faucet supply lines, mounting hardware, a soap dispenser and two strainer baskets. That’s a deal that’s almost too good to pass up.


A Multi-Function Sink With Sliding Add-Ons

Wayfair also offers an ideal stainless option: the Elkay Double-Basin Sink. Like the Glacier Bay model, it comes with several helpful accessories, including a basin rack, colander, basket strainer, cutting board and the mounting hardware you’ll need to secure the sink into your countertop. In general, stainless steel sinks are a great option for kitchens. They’re sleek and modern, but this material is also low maintenance and easier to clean than others like composite and natural stone.

One beneficial feature of this Elkay sink is that its accessories are designed to slide back and forth on a built-in ledge inside the sink itself. You can easily arrange them to work exactly how you need them to, whether that’s as a strainer or a chopping board, right along the top of the sink. This is helpful for cleanup, too, if you’re planning to install a garbage disposal under one of the basins.


A Top-of-the-Line Microwave With Ample Features

If you think microwaves are humble countertop sentries that don’t do much more than heat up a cup of coffee or warm through a TV dinner, KitchenAid’s Stainless Steel Microwave is here to change your mind. It works as a regular 1000W microwave, of course, but it’s also equipped with some serious functions that rival those of a regular oven. Need to sear a steak? Use the microwave’s grill setting and the included rack to lock in the flavor of any cut of meat. Ready to roast? You’ll be able to do that, too, thanks to the constantly circulating convection function and roast cycle. Baking is yet another cooking method you can enjoy with this appliance; it heats up to a toasty 425 degrees Fahrenheit on the bake setting.

In addition to its wide range of quick-touch cooking cycles, this KitchenAid microwave incorporates a large turntable that’s recessed into the base to maximize the interior capacity. And with its easy-to-use electronic controls and bright LED display panel, you’ll be able to reheat that cup of coffee with ease, even during your early morning wakeup fog.


An Affordable Microwave With Plenty of Power

If you’re searching for a microwave that’s a little easier on the wallet than the KitchenAid model, take a look at this countertop microwave from Farberware. It’s a little more compact with a 0.7-cubic-foot interior and a bit more gentle with 700W of cooking power, but it’s an all-around solid option for most kitchens, particularly those on the smaller side.

While it may not be the fanciest microwave on the countertop, it does feature 10 power levels, a memory function and six pre-programmed cooking modes to take care of basic needs like popping popcorn and reheating pizza. A great choice for the low price, this Farberware model is perfect if you’re looking for a microwave that won’t eat up all your counter space — or your appliance budget.


A Name-Brand Fridge From a Company You Trust

Looking for an energy-efficient fridge that won’t become the focal point of the kitchen due to its bulk? Consider this counter-depth refrigerator from Whirlpool. It’s a great option if you live in an apartment and are looking to save space — or if you simply don’t want a larger fridge hulking in the corner. That’s because it’s only 24 inches deep to sit flush with the depth of most kitchen countertops. With a total capacity of 11.6 cubic feet it doesn’t hold as much food, but the interior is thoughtfully arranged to make the most of its space and keep your food organized.

This refrigerator features a top freezer for quick access to your frozen goodies, and it’s equipped with adaptive defrost monitoring to prevent buildup of ice. The fingerprint-resistant stainless finish is a breeze to keep clean, as are the frameless glass shelves in the interior. This fridge is a great buy, especially considering it’s from a brand as trustworthy as Whirlpool.


A Smart Dishwasher With Thoughtful Extras

If washing the dishes is your least-favorite kitchen chore, you’re about to gain a new perspective on the task thanks to the Brama Stainless Dishwasher by Vinotemp. This sleek stainless appliance incorporates six different wash cycles, each tailored to the type of cleaning you need to get done. That makes it as versatile as it is beautiful. At the press of a button, you’ll be able to tackle the dirtiest dishes with the Pots and Pans setting or get your fine dinnerware spotless with the China Crystal option.

This dishwasher also boasts Energy Star certification, and its Energy Saver mode can help you take advantage of its power-saving capabilities. And with its lighted interior that incorporates a flexible racking system, you’ll be able to fit up to 16 place settings, making this a great appliance if you frequently entertain guests.


A Dishwasher That Eliminates Your Fear of Overflows

Stainless steel is a popular option for all kitchen fixtures, but if you’re not ready for all that shine, this Bosch Dishwasher may be right up your appliance alley. Available in black (and yes, a stainless option too) it’s Energy Star certified and promises a quiet wash at around 46 decibels — the same noise level as a library.

While it’s a little less fancy than the Brama Dishwasher, it does offer intelligent wash sensors, powerful spray arms and Puredry technology, which finishes off each wash cycle with a sanitizing rinse to get your dishes extra clean. It also boasts overflow protection to prevent leaks, whether the washer is running or not.

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