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An old letter inside a glass bottle was discovered recently during renovation of the historic Michigan City courthouse. 

MICHIGAN CITY — An old letter inside a glass bottle was discovered behind a wall torn out during the ongoing renovation of the historic courthouse in Michigan City.

The well-preserved note was on LaPorte County government letterhead, dated Jan. 2, 1968.

It reads: “To whom it may concern. We were all working at the Superior Courthouse when remodeling for Superior Court No. 2 was in progress. What a mess.”

The signatures of more than 50 elected officials and employees along with their job titles are underneath the typewritten portion of the letter and two other pages.

The late Conrad Kominiarek, who was the mayor of Michigan City at the time, is among those who signed the note.

City Hall was inside the courthouse before moving to its present location across the street, said LaPorte County Councilman Mark Yagelski.

The discovery generated a flood of memories for Lee Dabagia, who also signed the document.

Dabagia, 83, was then a LaPorte County deputy prosecutor who several years later focused strictly on his private practice.

He retired from the legal profession 20 years ago.

Dabagia said he vaguely remembered placing his signature on the letter and never really thought about it again until learning of its discovery, which brought flashbacks of his entire career.

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