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Repairing a level 4 house from old to new, the first thing homeowners are most concerned with is finance. Next is the design of the house with a mezzanine or upstairs to suit the old design of the house. The homeowners should carefully consult before applying!

General measures for renovating grade 4 houses:

• The homeowners need to know the design of the old house in terms of the foundation as well as the area. If the old house still has a solid structure and is not degraded, when renovating they just need to take the pillars as landmarks. Then, based on the existing designs, they will fix them accordingly and ensure the aesthetics of their new home.

• If they want to change the position of windows or doors in their new home, they need a bearing momentum to hold it firmly. In addition, they should choose convenient locations to construct, avoid getting entangled in the power lines or plumbing systems of the old house design.

• In addition, they can design more wind condensers, roof windows to ventilate to the outside, reduce the heat to make their house more open.

• Besides, for houses that need to be repainted, they need to scrape all the old paint on the wall, then carry out steps such as sanding, plastering, house painting (waterproofing, heat-proofing) …

• For houses with small areas, homeowners who want to increase the living area, they can choose a mezzanine design method, which is quite convenient for their house.

But if they want to design the mezzanine, the homeowner needs to ask private experts to still repair the house to see if the design of his old house is suitable, the foundation is solid before construction. If the foundation is not strong enough to bear the force, they should learn to add a few bearing columns to increase the strength of the house.

• When they want to upgrade or repair their old level 4 house to new, they also need to consider the weather and geography of their home area. If their area is affected by natural phenomena, they can add more columns and beams to support their house firmly.

• For level 4 buildings with foundations (hot base from reinforced concrete), walls, beams are good, with good bearing capacity, homeowners can build floors directly onto the first floor.

• In addition, homeowners can further design the interior of the house according to their preference such as white glass panels on the roof of the skylight area to create a cool space, design more windows, wind umbrellas …

Thiết kế cần đảm bảo tính an toàn và thẩm mỹ

How to fix level 4 house with mezzanine

On the market today, depending on the actual situation, there are many homeowners who choose to build more mezzanines for their homes to increase the area. The wooden guard is the first choice of homeowners.

Wood is not only luxurious but also durable, beautiful, has high aesthetic properties … so the use of wooden mezzanine has become increasingly popular and popular.

And today we would like to show them how to renovate a grade 4 house up a wooden attic.

• When they want to choose to go up to a wooden attic, the homeowner should add more columns in the position of connecting the floor above to create a sure mezzanine.

– Note when using boards, homeowners should choose boards with a thickness of 2cm, do not use too thin boards, which will lead to flaking.

– In addition, to ensure more durability and certainty, they can use high-quality plywood received from abroad like today.

Thiết kế phù hợp với khu vực địa lý là hiện tượng thiên nhiên

• For some houses already have mezzanines, but the area of the stairs is too small, not suitable for living in their house. They can make the stairs more spacious.

• The last thing they should pay attention to when fixing a house is the interior of the construction work, the interior decoration is also very important. It will make their home more cozy and eye-catching every time they come back from work when tired.

Tips for home repair:

1) All quotes do not come for direct reference.
2) Please have quotes of at least 3 units for comparison and comparison.
3) Never start repairing an old home without a design

Either way, never start home repairs without doing the detailed design first. There are a lot of interrelated/interrelated things, put them all on paper and they’ll solve the problems before they are built.

They can build a house without design, but if they want a beautiful house, full of functions, and an optimal budget, they should have a design in advance. Call us right away to help them make their dreams come true.

Bảng Giá & Lưu ý Sửa Chữa – Cải Tạo – Nâng Cấp Nhà ở TpHCM 81

THANH THINH BUILD DESIGN COMPANY LIMITED – Professional repair, renovation, and lifting company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Not only has more than 10 years of experience in the category of floor lift, but Thanh Thinh is also one of the authorized importers and distributors of Thai Cemboard cement sheets in the Vietnamese market.

Therefore, Thanh Thinh is always confident in her knowledge of cementboard materials as well as the ability to lift floors.

Thanh Thinh’s home repair items include:

• Paint sweep, miles old wall patching.
• Design and installation of iron doors, rolling doors, glass doors … with smart locks.
• Repairing, commuting electric and water systems – installing air-conditioning.
• Chisel old bricks, demolish old houses.
• Construction, re-walling, marble, partitioning, wall gluing.
• Construction of ancillary facilities (toilets, bathrooms), gardening, redeployment of rooms – conversion of use purposes.
• Plaster ceiling, mezzanine types.
• Expansion and expansion of old houses: raising floors, raising roofs, transplanting floors, pouring fake floors, building tunnels
• Waterproofing, anti-leaking, anti-settlement, anti-cracking works.
• Repairing houses, repairing housing work items as required …

The company is at the top of the most prestigious home repair companies in Vietnam, prominent in newspapers such as,,,, danhsachtop10 …

Nâng cấp nhà cửa theo mọi phong cách 

Commitments for services of Thanh Thinh:

• Develop the most suitable and optimal repair plan for the client home.

• Providing quality building materials with genuine prices at agents level 1.

• Service-specific price list – clear, professional workflow.

• Team of architects and workers professionally, honest, and meticulous in their work.

• Have a good warranty after construction.

• Commitment to ensuring construction criteria: Safety – Sustainability – Aesthetics – Economy – Feng Shui.

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