Tulsa International Airport transforms gateway with $7.5 million renovation of Schwab Hall | Local Business News

Tulsa International Airport on Thursday unveiled a $7.5 million renovation to its main entrance,  Schwab Hall.

The upgrade to the area adjacent to the security checkpoint and rental car counters took 11 months to complete and was designed by TODD Architecture Group and built by Manhattan Construction Co.

The project relocated walls, art installations and utility infrastructure to provide an open line of sight from the curbside entrance of Schwab Hall to the airfield.

“It is really striking to walk in here and see the natural light coming in, see the skylights that are here that match the skylights in the terminal,” Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum said. “It is just a beautiful setting.”

A centerpiece of the renovation is a 170-foot linear skylight extending from the Schwab Hall entrance to the security checkpoint, a feature that replicates the design in the concourses.

“This is the gateway for people when they come to Tulsa,” the mayor said. “What we’re focused on is making Tulsa a globally competitive city, being a city that attracts the best employees and employees in the whole world. The way they get to this city is through this airport.

“…How they are greeted, what they see, their first impression of Tulsa is going to be this space. I’m so grateful that we had the leadership that saw the value of beautifying this space…”

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