Why Some Women Are Turning To Home-Based Franchises For Self-Employment

Don Daszkowski is the Founder of IFPG. IFPG trains individuals to become Certified Franchise Consultants and earn money selling franchises.  

The past several months have been especially challenging for working moms. Many schools have shifted to online learning, and daycare centers have either closed their doors for good, are understaffed or are functioning at limited capacity. The pandemic has created unprecedented childcare issues. Working parents are faced with enormous logistical obstacles — many of which fall on mothers.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau and Federal Reserve, 19.6% of working-age adults said the reason they were not working was because Covid-19 disrupted their childcare arrangements. Of those, women ages 25-44 are almost three times as likely as men to not be working due to childcare demands. As businesses reopen, commuting becomes an additional barrier for working mothers. Investing in a franchise business offers an attractive option that many working mothers may not have considered.

I have been in the franchise industry for more than 15 years and have seen it grow and become more diverse with opportunities that go way beyond burger joints and donut shops. As the founder of IFPG, a franchise consultant network, I have built relationships with hundreds of franchisors and continually meet new ones. I am always amazed at the types of businesses that are franchised and the opportunities they create.

Since the onset of Covid-19, my company has seen increased interest in franchise ownership. Many of our recent franchise seekers have been laid off, furloughed or simply want a change. They are always excited to learn about the vast array of options available and how quickly some franchises can be up and running. Self-employed jobs with flexible schedules are plentiful in the world of franchising.

You might think that starting a business on the heels of a pandemic is crazy, complicated, risky or too time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. With some home-based franchises, getting started is as simple as signing paperwork, going through training and opening for business. As far as risk goes, the pandemic has proven that there is risk in everything. The unemployment rate is at an all-time high, and countless businesses have closed their doors permanently. With a franchised, self-employed job, there is stability and a proven system in place.

For some working mothers, struggling to meet the demands of their current jobs and their families might be the biggest risk of all. Launching a franchised business could very well be the safest option. Of course, there is no guarantee of success. Several factors play into a franchisee’s success, including their own efforts, local demand and the amount of support and guidance that’s provided by the franchisor.

So, how do you find a franchise that will offer a better work-life balance and a good chance of success? You have to do your due diligence. You can start with online research and by visiting trade shows (both live and virtual). You can also seek the help of a certified franchise consultant who can show you franchises that might not appear on typical web searches or on trade show rosters. 

There are numerous franchise options for both full- and part-time self-employed jobs where you don’t have to be tied to an office or restricted to set hours. Below are some home-based franchises that can offer the best of both worlds for moms. Most of these can start out as part-time and be scaled at the franchisee’s own pace.

Home Staging

Home-staging franchisees give houses that are on the market a more attractive, lived-in look, so they can be sold more quickly and for more money. Franchise owners typically spend time building relationships with realtors, who refer them to clients.

Easily scalable, this is a great business option for working moms who want to start off with a part-time business and grow it at a comfortable pace.


Vending is a wonderful way to make a semi-passive income. Thanks to technology, inventory can be monitored digitally, which helps streamline operations. Moms can get their kids involved in the business by bringing them along on their routes to help stock machines. Running a vending business with just a few machines can only take a few hours each month to manage.   

Business Consulting

Business consulting franchises are often a one-person operation that can be part- or full-time and run from home. They range from cost-reduction services to career coaching. In many cases, sales acumen and some hustle are the keys to success, not necessarily expertise in a certain area. The franchisor will teach you what you need to know to run the business.

Advertising And Marketing

For experienced salespeople, there are lots of unique opportunities with advertising and marketing franchises. Franchisees typically call on local businesses, which is ideal for moms who are immersed in their communities.

From publishing your own local niche magazine to selling specialty direct mail coupons or ads on indoor digital and mobile billboards, you can build a business that has little overhead and can be run solo and on a part-time basis.

Home Services

Many women are breaking stereotypes and having great success as home-services franchisees. Opportunities run the gamut from providing services in window cleaning to painting to home inspection or even drywall repair. While some women shy away from these opportunities because they have traditionally been run by men, there is no heavy lifting involved and no reason a woman can’t be successful as a franchisee. Typically, the franchise owner runs the business and hires a team to do the work. 

The Future Is Bright

Thanks to franchising, no one has to be stuck in a rigid job that isn’t family-friendly. There are so many opportunities for self-employed jobs that offer an ideal work-life balance and a lucrative income. Yes, even in the new normal, working moms can have it all.

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