Wondering what to do with that leftover Halloween candy? Here are 7 ideas | Momaha

It’s five days after Halloween. If your home is anything like mine, the pantry is chock-full of bags of candy the kids brought home.

Between three kids, we have a small Willy Wonka situation going on, which led me to brainstorm some creative ways we can enjoy the stash that doesn’t include eating it all before the new year. Here are a few ideas.

Jessica Janssen Wolford

Jessica Janssen Wolford is a mom and stepmom raising three kiddos with her husband, Eric, in Elkhorn. You can read more about her experiences on her blog, “A Step in the Right Direction.” You can also follow her on Twitter @jessljwolford.

1. Create a candy trading station. Our kids dumped out all of their bags on the kitchen table and sorted which treats are their favorites and gave away or traded between themselves the ones they didn’t care for. They also each have one Ziplock bag they can fill up and the rest has to go to family enjoyment or another purpose.

2. Sort and keep the candy that’s great for baking. You may not have to buy another Snickers bar or M&Ms until 2022 if you’re organized about it. There are a number of chocolate treats that are perfect for cookies and holiday deserts.

3. Make a batch of homemade trail mix for snacks. I love a good trail mix, and M&Ms are the perfect addition to nuts, dried fruit and granola.

4. Keep the most colorful candy for gingerbread houses. We hold back the fruity, less-loved sour treats to make epic gingerbread houses at Christmas.

5. Do some math! Did you know that colored candies of all types are fabulous at-home learning tools? There are countless online ideas for using candy to help kids with sorting, multiplication, fractions and even statistics!

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