Workout like THIS to get big arms faster: THE most efficient way to get ripped revealed

Everyone who lifts want to get big arms and get strong. That’s a given. It’s been proven time and time again that the best way to build muscle and bulk up is to do resistance training frequently. But, as it turned out, it’s not just volume of workouts that matters if you want to build muscle mass, but how you lift the weights when you are working out.

You’ve probably heard already that there is a thing called ‘hypertrophy range’, the amount of reps in a set that will result in the increase in muscle mass the fastest. Generally speaking, this hypertrophy range is between 8-12 repetitions per set, performed 3-4 times per workout session. However, research suggests that performing these sets in a certain way will result in faster gains.

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Fastest way to get ripped

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The research paper, originally published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology in 2003, called “The effects of eccentric and concentric training at different velocities on muscle hypertrophy” studied the effects of different speeds and type of muscle contractions. 24 untrained volunteers between the age 18– 36 years participated in the study, plus 10 people who served as controls.

The 24 participants were divided into two groups: 13 people were in the ‘fast-‘ and 11 people in the ‘slow’-velocity training group. Everyone performs the same routine for 16 weeks, which consisted of training one arm eccentrically for eight weeks followed by concentric training of the opposite arm for eight weeks.

Fastest way to get ripped

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Eccentric (or negative) muscle contraction happens when the muscle gets longer, such as when you lower the dumbbell during biceps curls or when you lower your body doing pull ups. Conversely, concentric (or positive) muscle contraction is when the muscle gets shorter during the exercise, i.e. pushing yourself up doing dips, or standing up from a dip.

The results might shock someone but as it turned out, eccentric training resulted in greater hypertrophy than concentric training. Furthermore, fast eccentric training resulted in greater hypertrophy than fast concentric training and slow-concentric training. Slow eccentric training also resulted in greater hypertrophy than fast concentric training but surprisingly, not fast concentrated training.

Fastest way to get ripped

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Knowing all this, the researchers concluded that “eccentric fast training is the most effective for muscle hypertrophy and strength gain.” Next time you hit the gym (or your home gym), make sure you build your sets around fast eccentric moves.

One final note: the fast eccentric training resulted in the greatest increases in strength too, so this type of exercise seems to be the absolute winner.

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