WREG News Channel 3 airing first broadcast from new set Monday

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Zaneta Lowe and Todd Demers get ready for the first broadcast from the renovated WREG News Channel 3 set on Monday.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — WREG News Channel 3, the Nexstar-owned television station serving Memphis, unveiled a major studio renovation Monday, airing its first broadcast from the new studio at noon. Viewers will see cutting edge, high-tech storytelling tools, and longtime Memphians will appreciate how the studio’s design celebrates the city’s local culture and architecture.

“So much of this city is built out of brick, from Main to Beale to The University of Memphis … and even newer architecture like Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital,” said WREG-TV’S General Manager, Ron Walter. “The team designed with the hope that viewers find some familiarity in our exposed brick walls, and we also added some amazing new technology to help us really bring stories to life for our audience.”

The studio also includes a scale model of the Hernando-Desoto “M” Bridge, complete with LED lighting. News Director Bruce Moore points out that, “If you look closely, you’ll see more than just the great tech and amazing model of the bridge. Our team got creative … dusting off vintage station logos and adding some not-so-hidden surprises that give a nod to Memphis music and other aspects of local culture that make Memphians proud.”

News Channel 3’s new studio includes a ceiling-high monitor array and larger-than-life displays in every other corner, bringing vivid detail to important news of the day. WREG is also the first station to add augmented reality to its weather presentation tools, allowing The Weather Experts to provide more clarity to forecasts. In addition, a new, brighter graphics package makes important information clearer and easier to understand.

WREG will continue additional renovation behind the scenes, preparing to launch new digital storytelling spaces in the coming months.

You can watch the lives stream online here.

See time lapse video of the reconstruction below:

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